New York City

New York City, the most populated city in the U.S. is a place with multiple characteristics . It is filled with skyscrapers wrapping you around into a whole new world. In NYC, it is known for never sleeping. The streets in Time Squares, are bright colored at midnight, never wanting you to sleep. Though there are many places that are fun in entertainment, some parts of NYC hold historical museums and monuments. New York City is definitely one place you should go and have fun before time runs out.

Astonishing Landscape

As the birds stop chirping and the winds stop blowing, the sun went down under the planet Earth. As the shadow of yourself once again break the promise of being with you, you stare at the sky changing color and leaving you behind. Currently, you are startled in how the sky changes its color from light blue to pitch black. However, you can see the sun trying to reach its hand towards you as the sky pushes the sun back with the beautiful, elegant pink. All of this impressing landscape gets inputted to your mind with a positive impression.

Impressing Skyscrapers

Skyscrapers have been a part of New York City for almost one hundred years. Some were built to be the highest in the world at the time. Some had extravagant designs, and some were very simple. With all of these types of skyscrapers, the city of New York becomes interesting and fascinating. The variety of skyscrapers, old to new, short to tall, cheap to expensive etc,. makes all cities the land of dreams. Out of all those cities in this country, New York City is the famous one filled with beautiful and stylish buildings.